Saikat Kumar Dey

Own Your Content

May 29, 2022

Over a decade or so, I have written blog posts in different platforms scattered all over the Internet.

What happens when those companies go out of business? All of your data would be lost unless you’ve kept a backup.

Derek Sivers recommends keeping your content on text files. Text files are cross-platform & easy to manage. You could easily convert them to the format of your choice. You do not need the internet to access your files. Sure, online platforms might provide a better UI. However, you don’t really need the distraction while putting down your raw thoughts.

I have many ideas jotted down across multiple platforms, apps and yes, text files on my devices. From now on, I will use this website as my own digital garden to keep it all. I will start gathering all my posts from the past scattered across different platforms and share them in this space.