Saikat Kumar Dey

I am currently working as a Data Scientist at (a product of Fractal Analytics).
I've previously worked at Directi Web Technology, an Endurance International Group company.
I have experience in building data-driven products end to end, from procuring data using ETL pipelines to building predictive models to deployment.
I have worked on building intelligent conversational chatbots, improving customer retention, customer segmentation, sentiment analysis and support automation.

Latest Work

An interactive data visualization app written in pure python

It’s an interactive application written using Dash (a.k.a shiny for python). This application demonstrates how easily you can build interactive visualizations in pure Python. I have used the classic iris dataset in this project.

Youtube Comments Spam Detection

A classifier to detect spam comments in youtube.

Employee churn prediction

Models to predict the likelihood of churn of an employee.

An exploratory analysis and Deep neural net models

Predict blood donation

Predict if a donor will donate within a given time window, given parameters such as months since last donation (recency), number of donations made (frequency) , total volume of blood donated (cc) [monetary], months since first donation (time).